Good for you, good for our environment

At Sheep Milk New Zealand we believe ‘natural is best’ and we support this by providing nutritious and healthy New Zealand fresh sheep milk, and sheep milk-based products for people seeking alternatives to traditional bovine dairy – including those with lactose intolerance and sensitive skin. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop Sheep Milk New Zealand as a business, and scale purpose-driven brands that have a truly positive impact on our environment and our consumers.

Our Vision

To pioneer change through innovative farming systems and practices that are environmentally friendly.

We will continuously strive to introduce new and innovative raw milk, UHT and milk powder products through our purpose driven-brands, that meet the unarticulated needs of customers across New Zealand and the wider international markets, thereby growing our market share exponentially.

Our Brands

Jones Family Farm

Jones Family Farm® brings you Sheep milk-based products that are nutritious, healthy and delicious in taste. 

Sabelle Skin & Body Care

Sabelle® skin and body care products are formulated using natural ingredients.  Our products are dermatologically tested.


Environment sustainability, financial stability and maintaining rural communities is the heart and soul of New Zealand farming. We believe sheep milk can support sustainability and growth while offering a good financial return not just for individual farmers but for rural communities and New Zealand as a whole.