The next generation - working with families

We aim to break the disconnect between the food and fibre industry and people outside of the industry. We want Kiwi’s to take pride in our natural food production and we want to do this by teaching about our land, our animals and our processes. We believe our practices and standards can help reconstruct the narrative of farming in New Zealand by reconnecting urban New Zealanders with rural New Zealand.

Reaching families

The Sheep Milk New Zealand programmes allow children and their families an opportunity to understand farming and environmental stewardship by bringing them onto the farm. With a mixture of video, animation and interactive activities we hope to provide an insight into animal behaviour and  communication while providing an opportunity to care for the animals. 

  • School led adopt-a-sheep programme
  • Holiday camps and farm visits

These interactions set the foundation for a child’s future relationship with animals. Studies have shown that children who grow up with pets are more empathetic and have lower levels of anxiety. It will also allow them to learn “where from”, which encourages good eating habits, and an understanding of best practice food production. As kids grow, they will help shape a clean, green and empathetic future.