Strathclyde Stud

While the European practices bring sheep indoors over the winter months, our New Zealand sheep are left free to graze in paddocks all year round. We want our sheep to remain free to graze, so our flocks are created to thrive in New Zealand’s South Island conditions. Our flocks consist of East Friesian, Lacaune and Manech tête rousse sheep. 

Our East Friesians are the engine room for milk production and can trace their heritage back to the Netherlands. While the Manech tête rousse is a breed of sheep indigenous to the French Basque country. Their origins are not fully known, but they have been raised in the western Pyrenees and are particularly hardy and well-adapted to long treks along the steep slopes of the Pyrenees. We’ve teamed these two breeds up with the Southern French Lacaune which delivers milk with a high protein content.   

What we have is a strong and hardy flock suited to our environment and delivering a nutrient-rich high protein milk for us all to enjoy.