Jones Family Farm® has been developed to connect people with and to their food, by producing nutritious New Zealand fresh sheep milk and sheep milk-based products for everyone to enjoy. The aim of Jones Family Farm is to help reconnect families and children with real food from right here in New Zealand. 

Consumers are becoming more educated and aware of the different options available and are actively looking for alternatives with beneficial health properties. Sheep milk is a considered option for those who have difficulty digesting bovine’s milk, with twice the protein of bovine’s milk it is easier to digest. It is also a naturally A2-type milk, free from the A1-beta casein protein which has been associated with digestive discomfort such as bloating.  With sheep milk containing about a third more energy than goat or cow milk, it makes it favourable for high-performance athletes.

For those who get eczema or upset digestive systems from bovine milk, sheep milk is easier to digest, as it contains A2 type proteins. A cup of sheep’s milk has double the amino acids, protein, fat, calcium, and magnesium to bovine’s milk. It is also high in B12 and folate. 

Not only is sheep milk gentle on tummies, it’s also gentle on the environment – for every litre of bovine milk produced, triple the amount of sheep milk can be made for the same carbon footprint.  

Our mission

To position Jones Family Farm as an affordable and respected supplier of fresh sheep milk, and sheep milk-based products that are widely accessible to consumers across New Zealand and Australia

Our vision

To connect by bridging the gap between a niche and commodity product through education, ensuring consumers are fully aware of the health and environmental benefits of sheep milk.

Our purpose

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We believe ‘natural is best’ and people should have access to dairy products that are good for their health and the environment.  We support this by providing nutritious and healthy New Zealand fresh sheep milk, and sheep milk-based products for people seeking a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional bovine dairy.