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Sheep milk and cheese

Health Benefits of Sheep Milk

The goodness of sheep’s milk and how our bodies benefit from it.
In recent years, consumer awareness of foods that contain biologically active ingredients that directly affect our health has increased.

Sheep Milk NZ Management team

Sheep Milk New Zealand Open Day Success

Sheep Milk NZ held their first open day on Thursday, 4 February at Tuscany Downs, Kirwee with an audience of over 250 people ranging with people from Central Otago to North Canterbury.

Sheep milking to be showcased at Open Day

Matt and Tracey Jones will display their sheep milking operation tomorrow at Strathclyde Stud, in an open day event at Kirwee. Sheep Milk New Zealand will join with the Joneses in running the open day at Tuscany Downs on West Coast Road, from 1pm.