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Jones Family Farm Fueling the Highlanders
Jones Family Farm is proudly Fueling the Highlanders and sponsoring the Take a Kid to Footy.
More than just meat to sheep as Canty farm taps into ovine milk - Joe Catherwood. Article from Farmers Weekly
More than just meat to sheep as Canty farm taps into ovine milk - Joe Catherwood. Article from Farmers Weekly
Jones Family Farm Shines At The 2024 NZ Champions Of Cheese Awards
Jones Family Farm Shines At The 2024 NZ Champions Of Cheese Awards
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Sheep milk for the perfect choice for athletes! Packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals, this delicious, nutritious milk choice helps athletes to maintain peak physical health when used as part of their performance nutrition plan.
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Sheep milk is a naturally A2 protein milk that is rich in vitamins and minerals. It's good for those with dairy intolerances and sensitive stomachs.
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Explore the history, present, and future of sheep milking and how it will transform New Zealand's agricultural landscape economically and sustainably.
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What milk alternative do we think is the best? Sheep Milk! Nutrient-dense, easy on digestion, and eco-friendly, it's our top pick for health-conscious consumers.
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Jones Family Farm was awarded 4 golds in 2023 NZ Artisan Awards! Discover our award-winning sheep milk cheese range here.
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The Jones Family Farm Sheep Milk FAQs page has everything you need to know about ovine milk: taste, health benefits (including for lactose intolerance), and more!
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Explore the impact of farming on the environment in New Zealand. Compare the differences between farming cows versus sheep in relation to GHG emissions, water use, land impact, and sustainability.
Lactose and dairy intolerance symptoms are very similar. Many people blame lactose when it may be the A1 protein causing their problems instead! Try A2 sheep milk; it's more gentle on your gut as it's more easily digestible.
Research on the Nutritional Composition of New Zealand Sheep Milk shows that our sheep milk is a powerhouse of nutrition compared to other countries!
Here, we discuss the impacts of sheep milk on the environment and using sheep as a sustainable dairy solution in New Zealand.
This blog article discusses the impacts of sheep milk on the environment and why using sheep is a sustainable dairy solution for New Zealand.
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Findings from an AgResearch study shows that dairy sheep appear to have lower nitrogen leaching per hectare than their bovine counterparts.
Discover the truth about the fat content of sheep milk, why sheep milk is gaining popularity and how it compares to other types of milk.
Milk protects against osteoporosis by providing nutrients supporting peak bone mass. We cover links between milk and osteoporosis in this post by Jones Family Farm.
Ready to discover the advantages of drinking sheep milk? It naturally improves your health as it's full of protein, vitamins and minerals.
Curious about the taste of sheep milk? It has a naturally subtle, sweet flavour similar to cow's, but very different to goat's milk!
Matt and Tracey Jones will display their sheep milking operation tomorrow at Strathclyde Stud, in an open day event at Kirwee.
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Sheep Milk New Zealand held their first open day on Thursday, 4 February 2021 at Tuscany Downs, Kirwee with an audience of over 250 people ranging with people from Central Otago to North Canterbury.
plant milk
Explore the ingredients of popular plant-based milks in New Zealand. Discover key considerations like added sugars and sustainability, with insight into the benefits of sheep milk.