Our Environment

People started farming sheep in Canterbury during the settlement of the 1850’s, and while Sheep Milk New Zealand may not have been around that long, the ideals from which it evolved stemmed from the first sheep farmers in the region. Ideals of good farmland, clean water and a community established on hard work and a desire to produce the highest quality products with attention to the well-being of the environment and animals.

Land and facilities

The sheep, milking facilities and processing plant are all on the same 160 hectares of prime pastoral Canterbury sheep farming land. The land and facilities are nestled between the Waimakariri and Rakaia Rivers and at the base of the mighty Southern Alps. This is ideal sheep farming land, so there is no need for heavy nitrate fertilisation or vast quantities of water for grazing, and because this is a natural product, it doesn’t require chemical processing. This is why we think it is the cleanest dairy option avalaible.