Sabelle® Skin and Body Care was born from Matt and Tracey Jones’ commitment to use natural ingredients and their genuine love and care for the environment and the people who use their products. When one of Matt and Tracey’s children was diagnosed with gut and skin conditions, Tracey realised her years of discomfort bore similarities to her daughters. It sparked Matt and Tracey’s search for alternative ways to heal both skin and gut. What they found was they had the answer on the doorstep – the healing benefits of sheep milk and mānuka honey. The name Sabelle has been derived from the Jones’s daughters Annabelle, Samantha and Gabrielle.

Sheep they know well, and New Zealand is synonymous with mānuka honey, but sheep milking was new. So began the journey of sheep milk production and blending the right ingredients to make an ethical product for sensitive bodies. We want to be as gentle on the environment as our product is on your skin. While sheep milk production provides a significantly reduced impact on the environment compared to other similar systems, our fundamental aim is to reduce our footprint on the planet.

Using recyclable long-life packaging, our aluminium bottles are refillable and durable, and come in an array of collectable colour palettes to suit your style.  So beautiful that you will never want to throw them away. We are passionate and proud of our natural New Zealand beauty and environment. Combining sheep milk from the Canterbury plains, local New Zealand mānuka honey and ingredients like New Zealand’s luscious avocado and olive oils, we are proud to support our local growers.

Our mission

Is to continuously strive in Surprising and Delighting. We believe in the natural goodness and benefits of sheep milk and Manuka honey for your skin.

Our vision

To connect by bridging the gap between a niche and commodity products through education, ensuring consumers are fully aware of the health and environmental benefits of sheep milk skincare products.